Workshop: Spectrophotometry for monitoring of the urban water cycle

This workshop brings together manufacturers, researchers, and users of spectrophotometric devices for monitoring of the urban water cycle. The main goal of the workshop is to share the latest experiences in development, installation, deployment, and maintenance of on-line spectrophotometric devices in the urban water cycle. The following themes are envisioned:
1. Current challenges in applying on-line spectrophotometric sensors
2. The latest in on-line spectrophotometric sensors: what to expect on the market in the near future
3. Spectrophotometry everywhere and any time: New uses of spectrophotometric data
4. Unboxing your sensor: Plug-and-play or endless calibration?
5. Maintaining data quality: How to check and maintain your sensor and its internal model?

Registration for the Spectrophotometry workshop:
1. Attendance will be limited to 20 attendees of the ICA2017 conference on a first-come first-serve basis.
2. To register as an attendee, please write an email to with ICA2017 Spectrophotometry Participant.

Have a look at the program to find out more about the workshop!